We provide a wonderful dining experience at the heart of Frombork



Our restaurant offers comforting indoor and outdoor facilities with view at the cathedral

Visiting our restaurant will fill you with warmth and put you in food heaven

We offer a variety of different local and traditional dishes. All dishes can be ordered with fries, rice, potatos and salads.


Traditional Polish and Eastern European Soups
Cold, Lithuanian-style Borsht, 7,50zł


Sour soup, served in bread bowl, 11,80zł


Bread Soup, 7,90zł


Fish soup of the day, 11,90zł

Tomato soup with rice, 7,50zł


Chicken soup with homemade noodles, 7,80zł


Traditional Polish Duck Blood Soup, 8,90zł


Meat Dishes

Traditional Dishes with Meat
Tender pork loin in porcini mushroom sauce, 14,80zł


Breaded pork chop à la maison, 10,70zł


Savory pork knuckle, 4,90zł per 100g


Tress from three kinds of meat, fried pork knuckle, potato sausage, cabbage and roasted potatoes


Delicate 1/2 roasted duck with vegetables and potatoes, 48,50zł


De volaille cutlet, 13,80zł


Fish Dishes

Frombork is at the sea! We offer a variety of dishes with fish.
*price per 100g
Piece of carp on grilled vegetables with potatoes, 19zł


Fresh pike-perch filet, fried in cream-sauce, 14,90zł*


Fresh, fried pike-perch, 9,50zł*


Fried halibut, 10,60zł*


Fresh, fried codfish, 6,90zł*


Codfish filet in delicious cream-sauce, 9,60zł*


Fresh, fried flounder, 5,60zł*


Fried trout, 9,60zł*



Try our different home-made pierogies
Russian-style dumplings, 12,80zł


Traditional dumplings with Norwegian salmon, 18,90zł


Dumplings with meat, 13,80zł


Potato dumplings with meat, 15,50zł


Desserts & Coffee

We serve home made cakes, ice cream and coffee
Ice cream served with fruits, nuts, raisins and whipped cream, 18,80zł


Ice cream served with nuts raisins and whipped cream, 15,30zł


Home-made apple pie, 8,50zł


Home-made cheesecake, 8,90zł


Cofee Americano, 7zł


Espresso, 7zł


Cappuccino, 9zł


Latte Machiato, 9zł